Circle Sales Incorporated

Distributors Of Fine Imported And Domestic Beverages

Our Product Lines

Circle Sales Incorporated distrubutes a variety of different of beveages to the retailers, schools, resturants, and other customers in Southern Virginia.


  We have access to thousands of packages of Wines, Malt Beveages and Non-Alcholic Products !

  Ask about the higher profit and sales that can be generated by displaying and promoting our brands !  Don't be fooled by the money and fictional sales proposals of "Big Guys". (Pepsi, Miller, Bud,)  Yes their brands DO SELL but its important that you offer a selection of products that your customers are looking for and not overlook the main reasons customers don't come back (out of stocks and product unavailability) 

  As we like to say we have a "flavor for every taste" - See your CSI account manager today for suggestions on how to help make you customers happy while making higher profit margins !

size=4>Fine Wines and Champagnes

We promote and sell a wide variety of Wines, Champagnes and Low Alcholic beverages. Over the years our wine sales have grown to be the largest part of our business. CSI represents most of worlds top suppliers of wines.


See our "supplier links" page for just a sampling of the brands we represent

Call or contact Mac Osborne Or Billy Thompson or your account manager for more information about these products.

Malt Beverages, Coolers and Speciality Drinks
Circle Sales in proud to be the local distributor for Rolling Rock, Labatts Blue, Colt 45 Malt Liquor and Four LOCO Beverages.

We also are the local distributor for many of your favorite "coolers" including Bartles and James, Seagrams Coolers and Jack Daniels Country Cocktails.

Ask your account manger about our
 exciting and delicious line of  beverages .

Bartles and James Coolers are always a favorite !

Our soft drink (non-alcholic) items

We are proud to offer some of the finest non-alcholic products available to our customers.

We distribute a variety of high quality and unique beverages including

Mistic - Stewarts- Yoo Hoo

C&C Beverages

LONG NECKS - Nehi - RC Cola - Nugrape - A&W - Big Red - Sundrop - Red Rock Gingerale

We also can supply you with your OWN PRIVATE LABEL WATER BRAND

Why pay $$$ to others when you can have your OWN WATER LABEL that PROMOTES YOUR BUSINESS OR EVENT

See our contact us or see our link pages for more information